Ah Mei

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Ah Mei
Ah Mei
Kanji/Kana 阿美[N 1]


Ah Mei was one of the three children initially captured by Metal Phantomon in the first chapter of D-Cyber. For whatever reason, she was held captive within Death-X-mon. She is rescued by Lung Chi Kwong when he takes Grademon's sword and cuts her free.

Unlike the other three children, she is not shown to have her own partner digimon or a D-Cyber Digivice.




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  1. Ah Mei is a shortened name. In Cantonese, it's a common practice to put "Ah" (阿?) in front of a name's last character to form a shortened name, so Ah Mei's given name is either "Mei" (美?) or has "Mei" as the last syllable.