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Sistermon Ciel[edit]

Why did you delete her profile and her appearance on Pendulum? It will be officialized but the profile still official and her appearance on the pendulum was confirmed yesterday. --Magna (talk) 21:55, July 12, 2018 (CDT)

I didn't.Muur (talk) 19:59, 12 July 2018 (CDT)
The edition appears in your name.--Magna(talk) This is the edit I made. It seems it glitched or something and reverted to an old edit (when I was removing that information), I didn't do it on purpose. I merely removed the "only in US/SEA" and deleted the Unreleased tag. I have gone back and fixed it. No clue wtf happened. So yeah, I didn't do it on purpose at all.Muur (talk) 20:10, 12 July 2018 (CDT)
Until we don't have her sprite or an official Artwork, she still in "Unreleased Digimon" list. See the history, copy the Hacker's Memory profile and put in the page again, if you can, please. --Magna (talk)
Lmao wtf, everytime I hit edit it reverts back to the old page (so the first time I edited it months ago) and it seems there's nothing I can do about it. It states "your edit is awaiting review" so I assume that no matter what happens on here, I would need to wait for my months old edit to be "approved" to be allowed to edit the page past what was shown months ago. So basically, I can't edit her page with the information without having to restore her entire profile every time. So in other words, someone else will have to add the Unreleased Digimon to it. If I did edit it, it would just revert the page to a year ago, that's really annoying. Maybe you can get an edit to fix my problem? because that's kinda dumb. She has an artwork though... in the model from the game, unless I suppose that doesn't count as it's not from the Japanese version.Muur (talk) 20:20, 12 July 2018 (CDT)
The page is normal here

I meant on the Ciel page.Muur (talk) 21:41, 12 July 2018 (CDT)

Bolded Evolutions[edit]

I notice you've been bolding evolutions based on the Digimon that characters use in Hacker's Memory. Are those evolutions actually shown or discussed? If they're only inferred based on the non-story related evolution mechanics, I don't think that they should be cited as official. --TMS (talk) 22:03, August 26, 2018 (EST)

They technically aren't shown - however during the course of the game, the Digimon are replaced with those ones (one by one) and so is clearly evolution. All of them are possible evolution in game, too. This might help (and the same source as for Chitose/Ryujis evolutions, as they happen the exact same way)-

Dominion Battles

Ryuji Mishima
Chitose Imai
Yu Nogi
Yuuko Kamishiro
Makiko Date
Arata Sanada
Nokia Shiramine

Those are the teams each have during the course of the game, and its clear who digivolved into who, especially since I always doubled checked if the evolutions were possible in game and like I said, it's the exact same for the teams of Ryuji and Chitose (which were already sourced on here). They digivolve off screen, replacing existing party members. They also aren't based on player choice or anything, they digivolve off screen based on chapter and most dont get their final team till post game (and also use their final team in the Master Cup). Each being replaced pretty much one by one, with all of them being possible evolution as well, is a little too coincidental to not count. I also wouldn't count it as 'non story', as these will happen no matter what you do. Muur (talk) 21:45, 26 August 2018 (CDT)

While it's strong circumstantial evidence, I think it would be better if the potential evolutions were noted under the Hacker's Memory section as speculation. --TMS (talk) 23:48, August 26, 2018