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  • Hey, I did hacked into the library and get a more complete breakdown of the line, I have a devidramon then I jogressed it with a Virus digimon to evolve into Groundramon. It does seem that Wingdramon is not in the list. The library is not my doing, its Bandai system used to check available digimon inside it so its pretty much VERY CONFIRMED and official that wingdramon is not in the data. I do have another option, which is to raise Devidramon manually which is what Im currently doing. This should take 2 days I think.


Yo, I wanna leave a few comments. growlmon and tyrannmon -> skullgreymon are canon, they happen on screen. it was decided a while back to remove things like "jogress with" and only have with, because some mons would end up with "jogress/digixros/fusion with" and end up with a ridic amount etc, and a fusion is a fusion, so it gets just "with". in addition, don't double on sources on the same thing. eg, you had wargreymon -> omegamon sourced for next order for him becoming it on his own AND with metalgarurumon. he can only do it through jogress. you did this for multiple sources. also, your edits implied that only agumon could become the greymon family in world 3, but everyone gets them in world 3. lastly, only wargreymon has omegamon (right now at least) in rearise, and it is not a jogress.Muur (talk) 23:32, 7 May 2019 (CDT)
Stop putting jogress back. Also, stop extending the ref notes, theyre shortened for a reason. The / makes it so you aint gotta type out the full hundreds of times.Muur (talk) 22:28, 9 May 2019 (CDT)