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A Giant Bird Digimon which Armor-evolved through the "Digimental of Friendship". It summons thunderclouds with a boisterous roar like thunder, and has the ability to control lightning with the horn on its forehead. Its temperament is violent but it has a considerate personality. Its Signature Move is shooting countless electrified feathers like rain (Spark Wing). Its Special Move is to flap its electric-covered wings, generating a lightning storm (Thunderstorm).


Name: Thunderbirmon
IPA: /ˈθʌndərˌbɜrmɒn/
Kanji/Kana: サンダーバーモン
Romanization: SandTemplate:AabTemplate:Aamon
DigiLetters: Dcsa w.pngTest4a.pngDcda w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcba w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.png
Dct r w2.pngDch r w.pngDcu r w.pngDcn r w.pngDcd r w.pngDce r w.pngDcr r w.pngDcb r w.pngDci r w.pngDcr r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.png
Dub: Thunderbirdmon

Native American | Thunderbir
From thunderbird (「サンダーバード」 SandTemplate:AabTemplate:Aado), which was a giant bird that created thunderstorms in the legends of many Native American Tribes.

Attack Techniques

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Thunderstorm [1] サンダーストーム SandTemplate:AasutTemplate:Oomu Flaps its electric-covered wings, generating a lightning storm.
Spark Wing [1] スパークウイング SupTemplate:Aaku Uingu Shoots countless electrified feathers like rain.


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