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Where did this translation of his name come from? It seems like there'd be a good case to use Copypamon here. Even if that is used somewhere this seems like a case the "official" name is definitely wrong. ShiningCelebi (talk) 17:43, 18 March 2017 (CDT)

It's the official romanization straight from episode 17 itself. Chimera-gui (talk) 19:12, 18 March 2017 (CDT)
There's plenty of precedent for using the correct name on the page, and simply noting the so-called "official" romanization on the Name&Etymology tab. A good example of another Digimon that has a totally wrong "official" romanization is Piccolomon, who is called Picklemon on-screen in Digimon Adventure. Is there a reason not to do that here, too, where the name is not ambiguous but definitely wrong? ShiningCelebi (talk) 21:01, 18 March 2017 (CDT)
I'm impartial on the names myself, but for what it's worth there is a japanese copy/paste app named 'Copipe' out there. it's just another way of romanising it based on the japanese writing I guess? like how people say 'omurice' instead of 'omrice/omerice' from 'omelette'--Garmmon (talk) 08:43, 19 March 2017 (CDT)