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Kanji/Kana タクミ
Dub Name Teddy
Partner Digimon Many

Takumi (タクミ Takumi, dub: Teddy) is a supporting character in Digimon World 3.


Takumi is one of Atsushi's friend, along with Minori. He joins Atsushi and Minori in playing Digimon Online. A little clumsy, Takumi is often caught up between Atsushi and Minori's arguments. Takumi is knowledgeable about computer-related information, is very interested in the Matrix Chamber System「マトリックス・チェンバー・システム Matorikkusu Chenbā Shisutemu」technology used in Digimon Online, and aspires to become like the genius hacker Lucky Mouse.


Video Games

Digimon World 3

In Digimon Online, his account name is the same as his real name, because he is too lazy to think of another name. He becomes a great asset to Atsushi later through his knowledge of computers, eventually able to access the account code of Lucky Mouse to bring down the A.o.A.