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Name & Etymology

Attack Techniques

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Cocytus Breath [1] コキュートスブレス Kokyūtosu Buresu Breathes out a blast of air that freezes the opponent solid.
Grace Cross Freezer [1] グレイスクロスフリーザー Gureisu Kurosu Furīzā Unleashes a massive attack of missiles.
Metal Storm [3] メタルストーム Metaru Sutōmu Attacks using its gatling gun.
Garuru Burst [4] ガルルバースト Garuru Bāsuto Attacks using every weapon it has.


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Metal Garurumon X-Antibody from Digital Monster X-evolution

Digital Monster X-evolution

Metal Garurumon X-Antibody was one of the few X-Anitbody Digimon fighting against the Royal Knights. It sacrificed itself to save DORUmon and Tokomon from Omegamon, and gave Tokomon its X-Antibody to bring Tokomon back to life as Tokomon X-Antibody, but later turned out to have survived and helps the others fight the legion of Death-X-DORUguremon. During the battle, he saved Tokomon a second time, this time from a Death-X-DORUguremon. Metal Garurumon X-Antibody later assisted War Greymon X-Antibody, Silphymon, Mummymon and Wizarmon in evacuating the survivors during the second wave of Death-X-DORUguremon attack, while DORUguremon and Dukemon X-Antibody took care of those remaining. It was later seen among the survivors who were shown.


Digimon Chronicle

Video Games

Metal Garurumon X-Antibody from Digimon World X

Digimon World X

Metal Garurumon X-Antibody is an evolution for the protagonist Digimon.

The requirements to evolve into Metal Garurumon X-Antibody differ from one Digimon to another. Agumon and Guilmon must clear the Item Retrieve sidequest on Hard Mode and bring back the Sword Cannon Delta. V-mon must clear the Item Road sidequest on Hard Mode. DORUmon must clear the Booster Pack Collection sidequest on Hard Mode with only 1 HP remaining and without losing HP or Gate Disks.

Its signature weapon is "Executor", other usable weapons are:

Beam Magnum (Sk90, Lv3), Sword Cannon (Sk1020, Lv34), Blaster Gun (Sk1620, Lv63), Sphere Nova (Sk2160, Lv90), Omega Raptor (Sk2580, Lv115).

Digimon Life

Digimon Collectors

Digimon Crusader

Digimon RPG

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode

Digimon Fortune

Virtual Pets

Pendulum Progress 3.0 Animal Colosseum

Evolves from Cerberumon X-Antibody, Delumon, Garudamon X-Antibody, Grappu Leomon, Mihiramon, or Were Garurumon X-Antibody. Can evolve to Omegamon by battling and winning against War Greymon (Pendulum Progress 1.0).


Hyper Colosseum


Card Game Alpha

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Metalgarurumonx.jpg Metalgarurumonx2.jpg Metalgarurumonx art dmxe.jpg MetalGarurumon X-Antibody collectors.png
Bandai Bandai Toei
(Digital Monster X-evolution)
(Digimon Collectors)
Metalgarurumonx crusader.jpg
(Digimon Crusader)

Video Games

MetalGarurumonX Collectors Ultimate Card.jpg Metalgarurumonx re collectors card.jpg MetalgarurumonX RE Collectors Card2.jpg Dch-6-904 front.png
Digimon Collectors
Digimon Collectors
(RE Card)
Digimon Collectors
(RE Card)
Digimon Crusader

Virtual Pets

Metalgarurumonx vpet penp.gif
Digimon Pendulum Progress

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