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March 31, 2017

Welcome to the new and improved Wikimon! You may not notice anything on the outside, but pawitp has been working overtime getting this beauty going at her full potential. Kudos to him, seriously, majorly. We'd be nothing if it weren't for him.

In the past few weeks, the wiki has moved from a very outdated server to a newer, more powerful, more updated, and (!!) cheaper server! Hooray. Plus we've upgrade to the newest version of MediaWiki... and have successfully opened up registration. It opened up a few days ago and we haven't seen the insane number of bots and their spam. We've even had a new active user join the crew! Welcome to the Wiki, Sammy!

I also messed around with the navigation a bit. Like always, if you have any issues, feel free to post up on our Facebook or you can e-mail me at Thanks for everything you do for the wiki - may it keep evolving into stronger and stronger forms :)

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This Week's Featured Article
The titan of revenge Titamon was born from the hatred of the Digimon defeated by the Olympos XII in battles over the sovereignty of the Digital World. It holds the alias of "One-Man Division", and bearing the inexhaustible energy of its hatred within its gigantic body, it runs through the battlefield seeking the heads of the Olympos XII. Its large arms are covered in a multitude of skulls, and the skulls are all data of the power it has stolen from the enemies it has defeated so far. As its gigantic sword "Zanjintou" is a bone sword carved from Skull Greymon's bones, the hatred filling the sword makes a low growl. The swing of its Special Move, "Konpaku Shingeki", slides through the opponent's armor and body with its blade, reaching their Digicore unhindered and chopping it up. If one takes this technique head on, they'll never be able to recover. Its "Genjin Mukon", which eviscerates the opponent, causes them to fall into a hallucination that they are still being harrowed even after the Zanjintou is pulled out, so that they don't stop suffering until their spirit dies. Its "Koou Meigun" summons shades based on the skulls on both of its arms, which overrun the enemy's forces as an undead legion. This is the reason Titamon is called the "One-Man Division", and it is treated as if it was a legion despite being a single being because it is able to instantly summon a mighty host... read more
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Wikimon News

Justimon Critical Arm, Shooting Starmon, Dinohumon, Yatagaramon and Rapidmon Armor have been added to the Digimon Reference Book.

Aegiochusmon: Holy‎, Gabumon (Black), Gundramon, Jäger Dorulumon and ‎‎Pipimon have been added to the Digimon Reference Book.

Bryweludramon, Lavogaritamon, Volcanicdramon, Meicrackmon: Vicious Mode‎‎ and Raguelmon‎‎ have been added to the Digimon Reference Book.

Tia Ludomon, Raiji Ludomon, Bushi Agumon, Mastemon‎‎, Voltobautamon‎‎ and Lavorvomon‎‎ have been added to the Digimon Reference Book.

Gekomon, Whamon, Ludomon, Cotsucomon, Kakkinmon, Andiramon, Vorvomon and Meicoomon have been added to the Digimon Reference Book.

Atlur Ballistamon, Omegamon Alter-B, Kudamon (2006 Anime Version), Falcomon (2006 Anime Version), Black Gaogamon and Black Mach Gaogamon have been added to the Digimon Reference Book.

Grace Novamon has been added to the Digimon Reference Book.

Meicrackmon has been added to the Digimon Reference Book.

The Digimon franchise commemorates its 20th anniversary. Rasielmon has been added to the Digimon Reference Book.

Aegiochusmon: Dark, Anomalocarimon X-Antibody, Chaosdramon X-Antibody, Cannondramon, Devitamamon, Tobucatmon, Bancho Stingmon, Golemon and N.E.O have been added to the Digimon Reference Book.

Omegamon Alter-S‎ and Durandamon have been added to the Digimon Reference Book.

Did you know that...
Coredramon (Blue) is said to be the evolved form of a Dracomon that assimilated large quantities of a rare gem called "Blue Diamante"?
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