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*'''Digimon World: Digital Card Battle'''
*'''Digimon World: Digital Card Battle'''

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Digi Bridge
Digi Bridge
Kanji/Kana デジブリッジ
Dub Name Digital Bridge
Part of: File Island: Unwavering Forest
Digi Bridge in Tropical Jungle

Digi Bridge (デジブリッジ Dejiburijji, dub: Digital Bridge) is a bridge connecting Unwavering Forest and Tropical Jungle.


The Digi Bridge is the bridge that will connect Unwavering Forest to Tropical Jungle once it is completed. There seems to be a direct route that connects this area with the Village of Beginnings, but apparently it is being blocked by weeds and trees. A sort of abandoned building now used for storage is near the bridge, which may be a good spot for black marketing to take place.



Video Games

Digimon World

It is said that Coelamon is currently working on completing the bridge, and may be found at Coela Point during its break time. Some reports tell of a Digimon resembling a ninja last spotted around this area, who may reveal itself when it deems someone worthy of the secret information it holds about items.

Digimon World: Digital Card Battle