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Repeated links within the same section; dub names; grammar[edit]

Hi. I've noticed you've made several attempts at changing Digimon X-Evolution sections on certain Digimon. Adding information is definitely appreciated, but I have made changes several times to your edits in regards to linking the same Digimon multiple times in the same section. If possible, please only link each Digimon once in a section. We don't need to have a section to be full of the same link. Also, we use original Japanese terms here at Wikimon. So please try to use "Evolution" instead of "Digivolution" and "Jogress" instead of "DNA Digivolve". Grammar...can't be helped I guess. I will try to fix those for you if I come across them. But do try to refrain from linking DORUmon a million times in the same section. Thanks. Jun (talk) 18:33, 19 April 2017 (CDT)