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Hello there

I have been a fan of Digimon since Digimon Adventure. I've watched most of the first four series and parts of the sixth. I also have a number of English cards from when I was a kid, including the original Starter Deck, first and second Booster pack (mostly), and the first Street Starter deck. I plan to rewatch the first four series again soon and maybe the fifth at all and the sixth properly for the first time.

I am currently going through the wiki looking at the cards and putting the information in a spreadsheet. Since I noticed a few mistakes here and there, I decided I should create an account so I could fix them. And now they're going through a moderation process... It's kind of bothersome, creating an account just to do this, waiting around for something to happen... But hopefully it will pay off soon. EDIT: I'm glad to say my account has been approved for editing.

This wiki is much more organized than the Digimon wiki, though it's a bit tricky learning the differences between the Japanese and English names and such. And there are some Japanese cards that did not come out in English. After the first few groups of cards (i.e., the ones I have except the Street Starter), the order of card releases were changed for some reason. So I consider this the "official" order of the cards.

My hope for this is to eventually create a playable version of the game, maybe just for myself, but that is a way off and likely won't be realized, as I'll probably give up on it by then. For now, I will continue to move forward. I just started working on it again after over 4 years of inactivity, so that may happen yet again. We will see.