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Possessing the name "Great Growmon", it is a Cyborg-type Perfect Digimon. As its name suggests, its body has grown gigantic, and its upper body has been metallized with the super-metal, "Chrome Digizoid". It is able to take flight with the two vernier attached to its shoulders, so it is possible for it to perform both anti-air and anti-ground attacks. In order to restrain it from running wild due to excess power, a restraining tool similar to a bit is attached to its jaw section. Also, since the "Assault Balancer" extending like a cable from its back section is extensible, it can be used to impale the opponent. Its Signature Move is cutting the opponent to pieces with the "Pendulum Blades" on its arms (Double Edge). Its Special Move is an attack fired from both of the gunports on its chest that destroys the opponent on the atomic level (Atomic Blaster).
The effect on Megalo Growmon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
It has gained the ability to transform the extraordinary "Digital Hazard"-class power contained within its body into a variety of energy shots and fire them from the attack units on each part of it, and is called the "Deep-crimson Heavy Tank". During close-combat, it performs its "Double Edge Σ" with the "Pendulum Blades Σ", and its Special Move "Atomic Blaster" is fired via the gunports on its chest and arms with four times the power. The huge gunport on its chest is a cannon for its "Atomic Megalo Blaster".
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Atomic Megalo Blaster [1] アトミックメガロブラスター Atomikku Megaro Burasutā Fires a beam from the huge central gun port on its chest.
Atomic Blaster [1] アトミックブラスター Atomikku Burasutā Fires beams from the two small gun ports on its chest and the gun ports of its hands to destroy the enemy at the atomic level.
Double Edge Σ [1] ダブルエッジΣ Daburu Ejji Shiguma Cuts the opponent to pieces with its Pendulum Blades Σ.


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Megalo Growmon (X-Antibody) evolves from Allomon (X-Antibody), Ginryumon, Growmon (X-Antibody), Monochromon (X-Antibody), or Tobucatmon, and can evolve to Dinorexmon, Dinotigermon (2.0), Medieval Dukemon, Ouryumon, Ulforce V-dramon (X-Antibody) (2.5), or Ultimate Brachiomon.

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  1. According to DM02-081 Black Growmon should be treated as a Growmon when evolving.