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Name & Etymology
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A heavy infantry Digimon from the mechanized "D-Brigade". It is said that many of those that are not chosen in "Selection-D", a special selection test that screens through 100 Commandramon, evolve into Hi-Commandramon. Its main role is to act as a "shield", and defend assault troops of Commandramon with its enormous build and protective shield. The surface of its skin has been modified with a special texture similar to Commandramon's, and has the function of displaying its surrounding colors in real-time. Its Special Moves are firing from its multi-grenade launcher (DCD Grenade), and performing a ramming attack with its protective shield (Destroy Charge). "DCD Grenade" is equipped with a special warhead, which can instantly switch between high-explosive projectiles, smoke bullets, and sonic bullets.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
DCD Grenade [1] DCDグレネード DCD Gurenēdo DCD Grenade Fires from its multi-grenade launcher.
Destroy Charge [1] デストロイチャージ Desutoroi Chāji Destroy Charge Performs a ramming attack with its protective shield.


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Digimon Seekers[edit]

In "Chapter 4 Sons of Chaos: Seekers", as Kisakata Kosuke proclaimed that the greatest revolution in human history began, the Digipolice's Hi-Commandramon shot DCD Grenades at Loogarmon.



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References Notes
  1. Hi-Commandramon was first mentioned in Cargodramon's Digimon Reference Book profile on May 22, 2023.