D-Ark Version 2.0

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Series D-Ark Toy
Version Version 2.0
Release Date July 20, 2001
Language Japanese, English
List of Virtual Pets

Partner Digimon[edit]

  • Guilmon: - Attributes Vi, HP7, and AP2. MegaHit: Push more than 27 times.
  • Growmon: - Attributes Vi, HP10, and AP2. MegaHit: Push more than 27 times.
  • Megalo Growmon: - Attributes Vi, HP13, and AP3. MegaHit: Push more than 27 times.
  • Dukemon: - Attributes Vi, HP14, and AP3. MegaHit: Push more than 27 times.
  • Labramon: Attributes Va, HP7, and AP1, MegaHit: Shake 6 times.
  • Shiisamon: Attributes Va, HP10, and AP2, MegaHit: Shake 5 times
  • Cerberumon: Attributes Va, HP13, and AP4, MegaHit: Shake 5 times
  • Anubimon: Attributes Va, HP14, and AP5, MegaHit: Shake 5 times


  • Digimon evolve into the Adult stage after 10 wins, Perfect after 15 wins and Ultimate after 20 wins.
  • The Dark Renamon line evolves as follows.
    • If Renamon has two or less losses after 10 victories it will evolve into Kyuubimon. Three or more losses will result in Youkomon.
    • If you have 14 or less Digimon entries in your Notes section and get to 15 victories it will result in Doumon. 15 or more entries will result in Taomon.
    • If you get 20 victories, and you have 79% or less Win Ratio you will get Sakuyamon. An 80% Win Ratio or higher will get Kuzuhamon.
  • If you feed an Evoluter to Renamon before its Adult stage has been established, it will become Youkomon when it's ready to evolve. The same is for the higher evolutions.

Battle Map Areas[edit]

Area 1:
To Clear: 8000
Enemies: Toy Agumon, Kokuwamon, Gabumon
BOSS: Sepikmon

Secret A:
To Clear: 4000
Unlock: Clear Area 1 with less than 9000 steps
Enemies: Candmon, Sepikmon, Mantaraymon
BOSS: Devidramon

Area 2:
To Clear: 9000
Enemies: Garurumon, Gabumon, Hawkmon
BOSS: Aquilamon

Area 3:
To Clear: 10,000
Enemies: Setmon, Thunderballmon, Elecmon
BOSS: Baromon

Secret B:
To Clear: 4000
Unlock: Clear Area 3 with less than 12,000 steps
Enemies: Moosemon, Hanumon, Aquilamon
BOSS: Skull Satamon

Area 4:
To Clear: 11,000
Enemies: Garurumon, Baromon, Sepikmon
BOSS: Were Garurumon

Area 5:
To Clear: 12,000
Enemies: Setmon, Devidramon, Scorpiomon
BOSS: Mephismon

Secret C:
To Clear: 4000
Unlock: Clear area 5 with less than 15,000 steps
Enemies: Were Garurumon, Etemon, Mephismon
BOSS: Silphymon

Area 6:
To Clear: 13,000
Enemies: Hanumon, Moosemon, Karatenmon
BOSS: Beelzebumon

Secret S:
To Clear: 4000
Unlock: SwanLink 3 times or more by the end of Area 6
Enemies: King Etemon, Asuramon, Skull Satamon
BOSS: Moon=Millenniumon

Area 7:
To Clear: 14,000
Enemies: Metal Garurumon, Piemon, Beelzebumon
BOSS: Hououmon

To Clear: 15,000
Unlock: Clear Area 7 with less than 15,000 steps
Enemies: Piemon, Beelzebumon, Hououmon
BOSS: Gulfmon